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At Dawson McKenzie Consulting everything we do is aimed at helping you and your organisation progress quickly and sustainably. Our expertise ranges from strategic planning around organisational goals to implementing strategy and projects. Every client is unique so our work is always customised to produce the required results.

Project Management – from the first design concept to final delivery

  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and manage the communication and consultation with stakeholders to gain project support
  • Ensure the project is well defined and will deliver the expected outcome
  • Undertake detailed project planning, minimise changes and manage the impact of any required changes
  • Ensure the project is completed down to the last detail on time and within budget
Organisational Development – creating and executing strategy

  • Facilitate strategic planning, restructuring, organisational and management reviews
  • Assist with culture change, successfully introducing new ideas and concepts into the organisation and communicating key organisational messages
  • Introduce business changes in a structured and managed way including process improvement
  • Involve staff in organisational development to support their efforts and secure their commitment
People Development – at board and management level

  • Executive wellbeing coaching for individuals and groups
  • Develop leadership capability at all levels of the organisation to support staff to become more self-sufficient, productive and responsive to customers
  • Undertake group and individual professional development including management coaching and mentoring, training, facilitation, team planning and building
  • Conduct executive appraisal and employee performance management

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