The presenter was fantastic. She was extremely knowledgeable, personable, realistic and had a sense of humour. I would definitely do another course if Debbie was presenting.

Thanks Debbie. Much appreciated and your guidance with policies has been great.

Very informative, useful and enjoyable. Clarified for me areas of curiosity. Great facilitator.

Your presentation was great and the opportunity to discuss the fundamentals in HR was really appreciated by all the attendees.

Excellent work Debbie. Your obvious experience and confidence presenting the material was impressive.

Debbie did a wonderful job facilitating the strategic planning process for us this year. Thank you again for this - and what a great outcome and new direction for HRINZ!

Great facilitator. Simple clear cut information and she prioritised the important things.

A particular strength of Debbie’s is to be able to see the whole picture and context of an issue, to work out solutions and to think through the implications of actions to improve or solve a situation.

Thanks Debbie - was a really helpful workshop - you certainly made the time fly!

Without your well prepared case I'm sure the school might not have been successful in gaining that extra funding which would have seen a number of works on our forward programme cancelled to the detriment of all students and staff.

I thought the facilitator was great - she had the measure of the room and a lovely manner!

Debbie takes a holistic approach to the development of people. By this I mean she likes to understand the strategic context, identify the issues, develop the ideas to move the organisation and the people forward and, very importantly, she has the skills and aptitude to put programmes in place and make things happen.

Our facilitator Debbie Dawson was amazing. She facilitated discussion well and was really positive.

Thanks for yesterday. I enjoyed the workshop, and it was amazingly productive. Hard work!

I would like to continue being coached by you. You really made me think about what I am trying to achieve with my team and challenged me in a way that I was comfortable with.

Thank you BOTH for last night. All the work that goes into making the presentation came together! All the behind scenes work and preparation.